Sell Your Vehicle


Is it worth paying to detail my car right before I sell it?

Obviously your car will command a higher price and be easier to sell if it looks to be in good condition. A quick look in a price guide will show you there can be a big difference in value between a car of poor condition and a clean car. Sometimes this difference can run into many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Whether you’re trading your vehicle in or selling it privately, you want to get the most you can for it. You can increase the value and probability of selling it by having it Professionally Detailed. Statistics show having your vehicle detailed in advance raises the value on average $600. First impressions are everything… a potential buyer will assume if you didn’t care what the inside or outside looked like, that you didn’t care what happened under the hood either.

Take the time to make sure these areas look impeccable, call or email us today… Let us protect your investment!