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Graphics / Vinyl Lettering

Personalize your Car or Truck With Graphics!!

There is no better way to Love Your Car or Truck than to make it your own with graphics!

  • Window GraphicsThese see-thru window graphics are installed at Love Your Car & The decals come as a one-panel graphic sized for most truck and SUV rear windows.window-graphics
  • Vinyl GraphicsWith a variety of catalogues, there are literally thousands of graphics packages to choose from!  Something simple? Go crazy! Love Your Car & will apply the graphics of your choice to your vehicle.vinyl-graphics
  • Vinyl Lettering & LogosWe also cut vinyl stickers on location. Put your business logo on your car or truck. Have a personalized license plate made. We have thousands of art patterns to choose from. Or send us what you have. It’s time to Love Your Car or Truck!

Vinyl Lettering

ClearPlex… the best protection you’ll never see

Driving on today’s highways can be a hazardous business – especially for your vehicle’s windshield. Introducing ClearPlex, the first and only optically clear protection film designed for automotive windshields. This patent-pending product absorbs the impact of standard road hazards – significantly reducing the occurrences of rock chips, “stars”, pitting and “bull’s-eyes”. ClearPlex is a whole new vision in windshield protection. The film is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow – providing virtual invisibility for the warranted life of the film.

Impact and Scratch Resistant

ClearPlex is designed to take what the road dishes out. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only a minimal pin-point on the film, preserving its optical clarity. ClearPlex is scratch resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions, including windshield wipers.

Reduce Heat, UV & Glare

ClearPlex features UV stabilizers which reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle and helps prolong the life of your interior. With its polarized finish, the film can help reduce glare.

Thermally Fitted To Your Windshield

Depending on the windshield, installing ClearPlex can take less than a half an hour by a certified installer. The film is thermally fitted to every curve of the windshield, forming a bond with the glass.

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