Ceramic Coatings

Duraslic ceramic coatings:
FlowX: One-year ceramic coating starting at $500.00.
Provides a smooth finish with hydrophobic properties.
24 hours
DS 1500: 5-year ceramic coating starting at $800.00
A ceramic layer that provides hydrophobicity, UV protection, scratch and swirl resistance.
Includes a 4 hour paint correction
24 hours
DS 1500 Xtreme: 10-year ceramic coating starting at $1100.00
A thick ceramic layer that provides the highest level of hydrophobicity, UV protection, and scratch and swirl protection while leaving a deep shine on the vehicle.
Includes a 4 hour paint correction
48 hours
All ceramic coatings can be registered with CARFAX
Inspection must be done prior to scheduling appointment. Price can vary depending on paint condition.

Ceramic Add On's

Ceramic rim coating: $300.00
A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that provides resistance to brake dust and dirt that builds up on rims over time.
Ceramic tire shine: $40.00
A hydrophobic coating that protects, revitalizes, and provides tires with a deep shine